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How does Ortho-k work?

What is Ortho-K

- Correct your vision while you sleep!

While you sleep, the specially designed contact lenses gently and gradually re-shape the front of the eye. Thus, allowing a non-surgical, reversible procedure to correct your vision.

The lenses are surprisingly comfortable to wear and most people comment that they forget they have lenses in the eyes after the first night of sleeping with them in.

Improvements in vision can usually be seen the next day with the procedure stabilising after a week.

Am I suitable?

The treatment is only suitable for customers who have less than -3.50 of short sightedness and before anybody can go ahead with the procedure a full assessment has to be carried out.

A digital map of the front of the eye is required as well ensuring that the eye is free of any disease. Once the consultation is carried out, contact lenses are ordered from our laboratory and an appointment will be made for the patient to try the lenses and be shown how to insert and remove them. Lenses need to be removed and stored in cleaning solution every morning. Your first lenses will be supplied with a 3month’s supply of solutions and all solutions are solutions thereafter are free of charge when on monthly replacement plan.

One pair of lenses will last 1 year and are automatically replaced at the end of this period.

Who benefits from Nocturnal Lenses?

  • People who participate in sport, especially contact and water sports
  • People working in dusty or dirty environments
  • People who are contact lens intolerant due to dry eyes, allergies or environmental factors
  • Children who wear Nocturnal lenses compared to spectacles show 50% less progression in myopia.

In short, Ortho-K works best for people who don’t want to wear glasses or contact lenses all day, but don’t mind wearing contact lenses while they sleep.

What is involved?

  • Initial consultation

    Initial eligibility assessment: Refraction, examination of ocular surface and digital corneal topography.

  • Fitting of Nocturnal lenses

    Teaching of insertion / removal of lenses and showing of how to use cleaning solutions

  • Consultation day after first night of wear

    Lenses are then worn for the first time the night of assessment. The following morning the lenses are removed on wakening and your appointment will be at at 9:15am.

  • Consultation 1 week later

    We will schedule you in for a week in advanced of your first assessment to see how your getting on with your lenses to check your eye health and vision

  • Consultation 1 month later

    Further checkup just to make sure everything is going well and your vision is stable.

Payment / Fees

Initial assessment£100
Fitting and tuition£125
Payment plan for lenses / solutions£32 per month

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