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Advanced Technology

At Aitchison Opticians we have made a large investment in the most advanced equipment available in order to ensure we perform precise, accurate and repeatable eye examinations.

The Zeiss High Definition Cirrus OCT scanner is able to capture details critical to detect small abnormalities and subtle change crucial in the management of Glaucoma and macular degeneration- this is brand new technology normally
only associated with specialist eye departments within hospitals.

At Aitchison Opticians patients now have immediate access to this revolutionary investigative test where they can be referred for treatment immediately without having to be enlisted on long hospital waiting lists.

There are also technically advanced digital cameras that take images that are used to monitor Diabetic eye disease .These cameras also take photographs of any suspicious pigmented areas on the back of the eye and again this allows for more
immediate action to be taken if necessary.

Computerised Field screening equipment checks the patients’ peripheral vision which is crucial in diagnosis of Glaucoma and can detect certain brain tumours which can lead to life saving treatment, as long as it picked up in time.
In most cases the field loss is symptomless.

As well as the more serious conditions, we also have specialist Dry Eye clinics that deal with the symptoms of dry eye that include a gritty, burning sensation and often excessive tears as the eye becomes irritated in either windy conditions,
central heated environments or with excessive use of computer screens. There are many reasons why people suffer from dry eye and we endeavour to give you the appropriate treatment.